Monday, 8 August 2011

sweet candy

for all those tym u stood by me,
for all the true that u made me see,
for all the joy u brought to my life,
for all the wrong that u made right,
for every dream u made come true,
for all the love i found in u.

i'll be forever thankful babe,
u the 1 who held me up, never let me go,
u the 1 who saw me thru, thru it all.

u are my strength when i was weak,
u are my voice when i couldnt speak,
u are my eyes when i couldnt see,
u saw the best there was in me,
lifted me up when i couldnt reach,
u gave me faith cause u believe,
i'm everything i am,
bcoz U LOVE ME.


  1. love the song and its movie...:D huge fan of celine...

  2. best...sungguh puitis...
    lama tak jenguk porenjes ping...:P